Where, How, and How Often Do You Deliver

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ShrubBucket is unique in our industry for our ability to hand deliver the largest selection of plant material directly to our customers. We accomplish this by our own fleet of delivery vans and in-house delivery drivers. We manage and handle your particular plant at every point -from picking up at the grower through the actual drop off at your home. We have proven our logistics system provides our plants with the most beneficial handling with minimal stress and damage to the plant. The result is the freshest possible plant whch is ready to be planted in your garden. It hasn't been trapped in a box for days without water or air. It has been treated with care and respect from the moment our team chooses your plant in the field to the moment our trained delivery people place the plants at your home. From the moment you order to dropoff your order takes on average between 4-5 days.

Our current delivery area is shown on the map below. You can also click HERE to see if your specific county is included.

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