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ShrubBucket was founded in 2015 on the notion that it was possible to bring together the finest plants which existed in wholesale nurseries around the country and allow the general public to shop directly from that selection. We believed that technology could give our customers direct access to thousands of varieties of plants in a single location which they would otherwise never have the chance to find. As gardeners ourselves, it was the kind of store we always dreamed of. We knew that these plants were consistently the freshest, healthiest, and most robust plants available at any given moment on the market - but yet the public never had access to them. We also knew from experience that living plants never should be boxed, wrapped in plastic, cut off from air and light, and tragically shipped through the mail. As professional horticulturalists we know this is a death sentence for most plants - as well as an incredible source of waste packaging and refuse for landfills. Instead, we created a store which had never been conceptualized before - one which gave our customers unlimited selection of the nation's best growers and hand delivery of the plants in our own vehicles by helpful, trained, delivery people. We wanted plants to arrive at your doorstep in prime condition and ready to take off in the healthiest way possible and thrive from the start. Our goal is to have you be excited about the possibilities that await you in your landscape. Respecting our customers and the plants we sell has always been a key tenet of our business. ShrubBucket is the synthesis of a lifetime of our experiences and the result of years of hard work. However, it is not a static business. Everyday it grows and needs to be nurtured and further developed. We are excited you are here and invite you to help us us create it's ongoing future together.


Rick Hedrick

Co-Founder and Chief Horticultural Officer

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