How Does ShrubBucket Work?

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Very simply. Here are our "5 Steps to Success" for every order:

1.) Take some time and explore our website. When you find sommething you like, place the order and you will automatically get your order notification sent to you email account.

2.) At the same time you place your order we automatically place your order with our growers. The next morning it is ready to be picked up by us after being selected and quality checked on the grower's loading dock. We then carefully transport it to our sorting warehouse where we barcode scan every plant as they arrive and separate them into individual orders. We also check for any damaged branches, diseases, and make sure all of the plants are well watered. They are placed in large open sided air crates by order number and are readied for loading onto our delivery trucks. Fresher plants mean healthier plants. Healthier plants mean more success for you. No boxes, No plastic, No Styrofoam Peanuts- No waste! We are obsessed about this!

3.) As soon as the orders are sorted they are loaded into our delivery trucks by our trained drivers in order of their dropoff route. When our trucks depart the sorting warehouse you are automatically sent a live delivery tracking link letting you know your order is on its way. It will give you an estimated time of arrival, the drivers name and photo, and a contact text number if you would like to contact him directly. Your plants are on their way, safe and secure!

4.) Upon arrival at your home, our drivers will either ring your doorbell to let you know your plants have arrived, or leave them at the designated location you requested when checking out. They also check once again for any damage that may have happened during transit and have the ability to water any plants before leaving them if they look parched from the trip. If you have not designated a location to leave them our drivers usually leave them by the front door if in shade. Otherwise you will recieve message to where they have been placed. We always have our drivers find a spot to keep them out of direct sunlight, if possible. You will also be sent a final notification your plants have arrived.

5.) Within a few days after delivery we like to touch base with each of you and find out how your plants are doing. We also send a quick 2 question survey to guage the quality of the delivery and of the plants. These are incredibly helpful to us. We want you to be 100% happy and excited about your order.


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